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Rosacea And Scars Specialist

Gail Zimmerman, MD -  - Internal Medicine

Gail Zimmerman, MD

Internal Medicine & Preventative Medicine Specialist located in Bay Head, NJ

If you suffer from rosacea and scars and desire smoother, even-toned skin, aesthetic specialist Gail Zimmerman, MD, offers a noninvasive solution at her practice in Bay Head, New Jersey. Dr. Zimmerman uses Icon™ laser technology to diminish skin discoloration and blemishes without any downtime. Schedule an appointment for rosacea and scar treatment over the phone or online to learn more.

Rosacea and Scars Q & A

What is rosacea and scarring?

Rosacea and facial scars are types of skin imperfections. Rosacea is a common condition that causes visible blood vessels and redness on your face. Facial scars can appear as red, pink, or skin-colored marks or raised bumps. 

If rosacea or scars make you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your skin, see Dr. Zimmerman for an evaluation and determine which aesthetic treatment is most appropriate.

What are the risk factors for rosacea and scars?

The cause of rosacea isn’t known, but risk factors for developing it include:

  • Being female
  • Having light-colored skin
  • Having sun-damaged skin
  • Over age 30
  • Family history of rosacea
  • Smoking 

Acne is a common cause of facial scarring, but scars can also appear after surgical procedures or injuries. 

How are rosacea and scars treated?

Dr. Zimmerman offers a wide array of cosmetic treatments to reduce rosacea and scars, including:


Taking oral medications can reduce rosacea, and some topical creams can diminish rosacea and scars.


Exfoliation, including chemical peels and microdermabrasion, helps get rid of outer skin cell layers so newer, younger-looking skin can regenerate.

Laser treatment

Dr. Zimmerman offers innovative Icon laser technology to significantly reduce rosacea and scars without needles, surgery, or downtime. She applies light or laser energy to your skin in affected areas, where it gently heats tissues, disperses pigment, and breaks up scar tissue.

The Icon laser system can treat multiple skin imperfections by stimulating collagen production and regenerating new cell growth during each noninvasive procedure, which often lasts less than an hour. There’s no downtime, so you can resume a regular routine immediately afterward.

Which treatment is right for me?

To find out which cosmetic skin treatment is the best for you, Dr. Zimmerman examines your skin, discusses your desired outcome, and reviews your medical history. She might recommend more than one type of procedure and multiple sessions to offer you optimal, long-lasting results.

Don’t let rosacea and scars make you feel self-conscious about your skin’s appearance. Call Dr. Zimmerman’s office today or use the online booking tool to learn more about your options.