Is It Possible to Remove a Scar?

Scars consist of fibers and collagen. The body responds to a skin injury by producing collagen to fill in the gaps in the skin. 

Scarring due to acne or injury is common, and nearly everyone has at least one scar on their body. However, you may have a scar located on a visible area, or you may have a scar that causes pain and impairs function.

Fortunately, most scars can be removed or at least reduced to the point where they’re barely noticeable. From our expert, Dr. Gail Zimmerman, here are the treatments available for removing scars.

Using exfoliation for scars 

Exfoliation is an excellent option for those suffering from superficial scars and scars due to acne. 

Although exfoliation won’t completely remove scars, it can diminish the appearance of scars by removing the dead cells on the skin’s surface and revealing the healthier layer of cells underneath. 

The treatment can be done either by using chemical peels that quickly remove the top layers of the skin or by using mechanical exfoliation such as microdermabrasion. 

Microdermabrasion is a treatment in which Dr. Zimmerman uses an abrasive instrument to sand off the layer of dead skin cells. After the exfoliating treatment, Dr. Zimmerman may recommend using a cream containing sunblock and moisturizer.  

Laser treatments for scars 

Dr. Zimmerman uses laser treatments for deeper scars and scars that cause pain and itching. Lasers are also sometimes used to prevent scars from forming after surgical incisions. 

With the help of laser technology, Dr. Zimmerman creates a new injury on the skin in the place of the old one. This triggers collagen production and the formation of new skin cells. Lasers can trigger the production of new skin tissue more uniformly.

Certain lasers, such as the Icon laser, are also useful at breaking down the scar tissue and the pigment in the scars. 

Before undergoing laser treatment for scars, you may be recommended to stop taking supplements and medicines that can increase skin sensitivities, slow down healing, and avoid sun exposure and tanning beds before and after the procedure. 

Getting help for your scars 

Do you have scars that bother you? If so, contact us to schedule an appointment so we can help you get the look you want today. Dr. Zimmerman will examine your scars and tell you if you’re a good candidate for scar removal at her office. Dr. Zimmerman also offers stretch mark removal, rosacea management, and injectables. 

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