Incorporating BOTOXⓇ Into Your Regular Beauty Routine

It’s no secret why BOTOX is the number one selling treatment of its kind and a favorite among Americans — it works! That’s because BOTOXⓇ Cosmetic and other botulinum toxin type A counterparts can make you look years younger by reducing the lines and wrinkles that form on the top half of your face. It only takes a few simple injections and can be done during your lunch hour.

As an experienced internist, Gail Zimmerman, MD, believes that men and women should have the tools they need to look and feel great, inside and out. As part of her comprehensive suite of health services, Dr. Zimmerman offers BOTOX to patients in Bay Head, New Jersey.

Keep reading to learn why BOTOX makes a terrific addition to your regular beauty regimen.

How aging affects your face

Time can take a toll on your body and especially on your highly visible face. 

After years of making facial expressions, lines become increasingly etched into your skin. This is not only because of extensive use but also because you start losing the proteins that support your skin‚ specifically collagen and elastin. 

At the same time, years of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays prematurely break down your skin. This is even more pronounced in the sensitive areas around your brows and eyes.

Stop wrinkles with BOTOX

BOTOX erases the lines on the top half of your face by temporarily interrupting the signals in your muscles that contract to form the wrinkles. BOTOX is FDA approved to temporarily reduce moderate-to-severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines, which offers your face a more youthful appearance.

But the best part? BOTOX only takes a few minutes to administer. And Dr. Zimmerman has extensive experience with BOTOX, so she knows exactly where to strategically inject your muscles for the best results. That means that you can expect a naturally youthful and refreshed appearance, rather than a “frozen” look, after a quick office visit.

Results can take a few days to appear. But, as you watch the lines and wrinkles give way to a smoother, more youthful skin, you’ll see that the wait is well worth it.

Adding BOTOX to your beauty regimen

BOTOX treatments are safe for most adults, which is why so many men and women make it a regular part of their beauty routine. In most cases, BOTOX results typically last three to four months, and then you simply return to have Dr. Zimmerman deliver another round of injections. So, maintaining your refreshed and youthful appearance only takes three to four easy visits a year. There’s also evidence that your results can last even longer with regular BOTOX use.

Results vary from patient to patient, but BOTOX is such an easy, safe, and effective skin revitalizing tool. Why not see how it works with your face?

To learn more about BOTOX treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Gail Zimmerman, MD.

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