Since it is a policy of our practice to allow a longer block of time per appointment, we have fewer appointment slots, then many practices. Late cancellations and missed appointments can prevent other patients from receiving much-needed care. So please read the following policy carefully so that if you do need to cancel, we are able to fit in other patients that need care.

Standard appointments must be canceled by 10 AM and the day prior to your appointment. For Monday appointments, cancellations must be made by 10 AM on Friday preceding your appointment. Since the office is closed on Wednesday, cancellations for Thursday appointments must be made by 10 AM on Tuesday. Failure to do so will result in a $50 no-show fee.

Annual physical appointments require a larger block of time and lab work in advance therefore those appointments must be canceled three days in advance so that we might schedule a new patient in that timeslot. That means that a Monday physical must be canceled by Thursday 10 AM; a Tuesday physical must be canceled by Friday at 10 AM and a Thursday physical must be canceled by Monday at 10 AM. Failure to do so will result in $150 fee.

Additionally, if paperwork and/or lab work is required for your appointment, failure to have that done by your appointment time may also result in a no-show/cancellation fee.

The no-show/late cancellation fee will be billed to you directly, and it’s not covered by insurance. We understand that emergencies, arise, and in these cases you can contact us and speak directly to the office manager. Thank you for abiding by our policies and thereby helping us to provide the best, most timely care possible.