3 Non Surgical Wrinkle Solutions

For many people, undergoing a surgical procedure isn’t an option, especially when recovery can take months. Some may want to avoid surgical procedures due to health conditions such as blood clotting disorders or diabetes, increasing the risk of complications. 

Fortunately, there are wrinkle solutions even for people who don’t want to go under the knife. We asked our specialist, Dr. Gail Zimmerman, to share 3 minimally invasive treatments that can smooth out wrinkles.

1. Laser therapy 

Dr. Zimmerman uses the Icon laser to stimulate collagen production in skin cells. Collagen production decreases with age, but the protein is responsible for repairing and keeping your skin flexible. 

Laser therapy can also address pigmentation issues and uneven skin tone. A session of laser therapy can last up to 45 minutes and comes with minimum downtime. Some people may develop redness after a laser therapy session, but most people can return to their normal routine as long as they wear a high SPF sunscreen. 

For optimal results, you may need three to five therapy sessions. 

2. Botox®

Botox is a popular choice among women who want their wrinkles to smooth out in a short period, with minimal side effects and natural-looking results. 

Botox contains a highly purified toxin that prevents muscles from contracting, reducing the appearance of wrinkles created by repetitive movements. It’s effective against forehead lines, crows feet, lines between the eyebrows, and lines around the mouth. 

Results may last anywhere between four and six months. 

3. Dermal fillers 

In some cases, wrinkles appear due to the loss of fat tissues beneath the skin. Dermal fillers add volume to your facial features, and they’re used to fill in wrinkles around the nose and the mouth. 

If you’ve also lost volume in your cheeks and lips, you can get dermal fillers to add volume to your contours. Depending on the filler used, results may last up to 24 months. 

Freshen up your appearance without going under the knife

Forget about bruising, scarring, and a long recovery. You can now enjoy all the benefits of anti-aging solutions without dealing with the unpleasant side effects of surgery.

If you need guidance on how to freshen up your appearance, contact us to schedule an appointment. Dr. Zimmerman is more than happy to examine your facial features and recommend a treatment that’s in line with your goals. 

To get an idea of what your final results may look like, check out our before and after patient gallery.

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