3 Advantages of Choosing Dysport® to Reduce Wrinkles

As the new year begins, many of us are looking for ways to improve our lifestyles and appearances. This includes smoothing the wrinkles we’ve gained over the years. More and more people are using minimally invasive methods to tighten their skin and achieve more youthful appearances, but it can be difficult to choose a brand. What are the advantages of Dysport®, and how does it work? 

Gail Zimmerman, MD, in Bay Head, New Jersey, runs a private practice where patients can receive professional care in a timely, comfortable manner. Everything from neurotoxins to dermal fillers are available, and Dr. Zimmerman can provide insight on which is best for you. 

What is Dysport? 

Dysport is a neurotoxin injection used to treat wrinkles in the face. Like Botox, it uses a purified form of botulinum toxin. However, the two brands use different toxins, and Dysport has a different potency. 

Both work by paralyzing certain muscles in the face, preventing wrinkles from appearing. Botox and Dysport are called neurotoxins because they block the nerves from sending signals to the brain. This effect wears off over time, and the neurotoxins have to be re-administered to maintain tightness. 

The benefits of Dysport 

As mentioned above, there are differences and similarities between Botox and Dysport. Both work in the same way, but Dysport comes with a few advantages. These include: 

  • Faster onset. The effects of Dysport are visible within a few days, and last for three to four months. 
  • Less pain. One study reported that Dysport injections were less painful than Botox, though results may vary from person to person. 
  • Better results on certain wrinkles. Dysport works best on the frown lines on your forehead, though one study reported positive results when used on crow’s feet
  • Is Dysport right for you? 

    Dr. Zimmerman discusses the minor differences between Botox and Dysport with you, along with explaining how they might affect your treatment. From there, you can decide which brand is best for you. 

    As with all cosmetic procedures, you should decide what you want changed about your face or body. If you have forehead frown lines or crow’s feet, Dysport might be perfect for temporarily smoothing these wrinkles. 

    For more information on neurotoxin injections, give Dr. Zimmerman a call at 732-899-9440, or contact the office online. 

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